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When Hansford and Julien first began composing together the result was the eponymously titled "HR3," featuring Max Lazich on drums. For the second album they went to Paris to record with Hansford's old compatriots from PM Gong, François Causse and Benoît Moerlen. This resulted in the album Gong Expresso, "Decadence." 

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Hansford Rowe - bass


American bassist Hansford Rowe began his career in the clubs of New York City. With French drummer Pierre Moerlen, he reformed the jazz-rock group Gong. PM's Gong is considered one of the great fusion bands of the late 70s. Recording guests included icons like Mick Taylor, Steve Winwood and Didier Lockwood. International touring soon secured Hansford a place among the world's leading bass players and work with Mike Oldfield, Allan Holdsworth, John Martyn, Biréli Lagrène, La Monte Young, David "Fuze" Fiuczynski, Gary Husband, Jon Catler etc. Hansford, with Warwick bass guitars, developed the first Just Intonation bass. He is considered an expert in the use of alternate tuning systems. He is a founding member of the band Gongzilla. The new HRIII trio debuted live in 2019 at the Festival Quebec Jazz en Juin.


Julien Sandiford - guitar


Julien Sandiford is a Montréal-based guitarist and composer. Over the course of his young career, he has performed with world-class jazz musicians and at several international jazz festivals, including the Hong Kong Jazz Festival and the Montréal Jazz Festival. His long long-running collaboration with Hansford Rowe led to the internationally acclaimed recording by Gong Expresso, “Decadence,” with Gong alumni Benoît Moerlen and François Causse. HRIII’s third album is now his primary focus.


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